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Unusual things to do in Quito

Unusual things to do in Quito

Unusual things to do in Quito

As you may know, things to do while staying in Quito are very limited. That’s why I’ve searched the surrounding areas to create a unique day trip. My idea is to help you make the most out of your stay, and extend your visit to my beautiful city. Yet, I know building trust as a tourist guide is hard, and that’s why I’ve created an Airbnb and Viator experiences for my “Quito’s Secret Waterfall” tour and I’ve been building trust ever since.

If you would like, you can make a reservation through their site.

But, before you leave and schedule an adventure that you didn’t expect to find in Quito, let me tell you all about it.

We start the day at 8 am and take four buses to pass the suburbs of the city, and descend eight hundred meter to a valley, which has a perfect warm temperature, more oxygen, and less smog. There, after getting out of our last bus, I’ll hire us a truck to ride on the old road toward Cotopaxi, and stop in the middle of nowhere to start our hike next to a river.

You’ll be surrounded by a primary forest on an untouched piece of land, deep within a cannon until we reach a five stories high waterfall that will blow your mind.

Here are some images, but don’t take my word for granted and come to visit an attraction that most tourists will never find.

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