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Beings of Light
May 29, 2014|Short Story

Beings of Light

Beings of Light

Existence’s chaos expressed by millions bright lights spinning within the splendid cosmos, while the sweet shining harmonized beings of light uttered by a playful dance tuned in a symphonic eternal melody. Perfection was present on creation for uncounted thousands of endless times, whereas brightness surround the design with a deep lively white without scope for darkness. If there ever was an interlude for oblivion it would yield perfect emptiness where no beings of light dare intrude until the glowing blaze of another would lighten it.

He who was light before the light saw the immaculate creation as it turned flawless. The beings of light seeded of his mantle brought harmony to the impeccable chaos as they burst with spotless splendor within the abyss. Time was fiction and all that came between perfection and destruction; the pendulum of time was never contained by the abyss. Those lost within the perfect construction yearned to shine with vast intensity as they express their love through light; without beginning or end the sparkles, conceived without ambition, shined from the creator’s mantel.

The flutter of lightning was all it took for endless eons to come by within the divine creation and its gleam; thousand ages clash against the endless cosmos before the first word was ever pronounced. The most intricate dialect ever alleged shaped within an instant bridging communication among the magnificent drops of light who’ve been, never were and always will be. A brimming source of knowledge conceived an endless ocean of unattainable inquiries. Boundless quantities of information gathered by those whose appetite turned limitless; at lost within the esoteric abyss of endless greed while discovering the unknown and forbidden.

Spawned within their understanding new beings of light grew unstoppable covering themselves by their magnificent discoveries unaware of the dimming emerging radiance. An uncontrollable growth shifted balance and shoved even the brightest brimming beams who always were those beings of light; the chaos of existence has never been yet it’s always harmonic essence began displacing those obstructing the growth of the beings of darkness. Struggling to emerge the vague ray of light obstructed by the magnificence vestment casing those who never were bright glows. Admire by most were the beings of darkness whose greatness matched by their overflowing shadows, yet only few grasped their splendor without being wrecked while obstructive their voracious paths of greed.

Time became existent as millenniums perish in the hand of persisting obsession; in an eternal process which transformed the dismal beings of light into pure darkness. The spawned creatures cast an overwhelming shadows turning them into grotesque shades of dark; lonely beings of darkness had no one but themselves and their insatiable thirst of knowledge. Dusk traveled to every corner leaving nothing but obscurity in their path; the endlessly moving monstrosities searched for those who could cast doubt upon their absolute theories. Only those with greater knowledge had an answer for those in doubt, which in time turned to only those with power were right. The largest beasts of darkness got lost within layers of knowledge forming shells while scarce rays of deeming light fought to escape and shine with their might.

Observant yet shocked the beings of light escape the destruction path of the fallen monstrosities; turning the celestial chaos’ delightful tune into a common strident melody. Barely any ray of light remember the delightful beauty which existence was, meanwhile the abyss searched for balance turning all standing tiny bits of light into smaller yet brighter beings. Bred from light the brighter beings brought balance to the cosmos shining around those casting shadows; creation was all but corrected and the new-found balance brought war at their footsteps.

The vociferous characteristic of darkness found its limit, growth was impossibly acquired by themselves and so there monstrosities searched for ways to improve their mobility around the endless abyss. An endless sea of knowledge and answers granted them control over smaller aberrations; it was then when war broke out in the celestial chaos of eternity with the sole purpose of shifting the abyss balance. The beings of darkness felt as if all was lost when absent of control over knowledge; war existed only among those with greed of power.

Heroes from both sides arise out of the unknown while a magnificent war with no beginning or end overcame the endless abyss; the unthinkable turned possible within the limitless creation as battles took place between immaculate lights and blemished shadows. Unnumbered clashes maintain balance for eternity, while the immaculate heroes of light foster harmony. Endless combats took casualties on either sides as the victims of darkness lured into the precipice of knowledge. Seduced were those naïve yet filled of light beings who found beauty among the ornaments bore by the minuscule dark particles; shining gray yet far from their splendid brilliance.

Scarce yet filling most of the creations hemispheres were the beings of darkness; all was lost and shadows overwhelmed the abyss. Darkness took over and battles end when the brilliant, vivid and tiny being of light hide themselves, while astonished observed the fall of layers and layers of darkness with new conclusion; the rise of new beasts shining gray from their majestic layers while emerging from ashes was their balance within darkness.

The collapsed, destructed and rebirth beings of darkness brought prosperity with a new grey shining light to the infinite cosmos; battles of knowledge took place among the largest beasts while casting emptiness which darken the dull and lifeless glare sprouting out of the tiny particles of light. Shadows grew and overtook creation as they cast even from those dull gray beings and it was then when the abyss turned into darkness. The crucial move shifting balance to their side, darkness and dull gray light was all that shinned within the void.

The perfect monstrosity conceived and known as the purest light deficiency among its followers; he, who should not be named, called himself Lucifer. His name was no more than a disguise to express the beauty of the largest and brightest void in the cosmos; mockery to the creator whose mantel never ceased to shine over the abyss. Darkness overpowered the void granting control to the lord commander who controls all the answers; for ages he was God and those who dare not follow tortured with knowledge and reasoning.

The balance shifted on their side as it took ages for the heroes of light to return; billions of years came to pass before someone could freely shine without fear daring the monstrosities with his beauty.

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This short story has been carefully crafted with inspiration I got from the Andes' highlands.
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