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May 23, 2014|Short Story



A personal story that could be the beginning of my writing career, even before I was able to understand how important it was.

First Impression
May 5, 2014|Short Story

First Impression

First Impression

A short story about a boy how thought love was just a tale old people like to share. He never imagine experiencing these sensations with just one sight.

The Invasion
April 21, 2014|Short Story

The Invasion

A day like today, a long time ago, the ships came from the sky. A day like today, the invasion began. This is how the story begins each time it is told to children before bed. Life changed drastically since the invasion, and things were never the same. Yes, it was a day like today when Max was gathering herbs in the forest; a forest that is not like the ones we find now. It was a magnificent forest that began at the foothills and was lost in the horizon. Not knowing what could happen, they lived in harmony within the forest. The history of what occurred is no more than a fantastical tale that grandmothers tell their grandchildren and a story about a world that our past generations lived in. They say it was a wonderful world that had to disappear for the growth of the species. It appeared

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