In the making

Relato Corto

Three years in the making.

Well, it didn’t feel that long. At the beginning they were just words without destiny, but with time the story began to unfold and now it’s impossible to stop. Maybe if I didn’t waste much time learning how to write, by now I should have a couple of books to be proud of. Regardless, this journey has been one of the most satisfying experiences thus far.

I’m long from having a finish product and with every day a feeling of disappointment grows. My savings are all gone, the best invested money, learning the skill was worth it. But, without any other options, knowing that only fools bet on the impossible, I have decided to spend less time writing, which is going to make the process longer, and start to make some money if I intend to survive.

My goal hasn’t changed. The characters need my time to see their life’s reach a worthy goal. All that is left for me it’s to realize life journey is not near those you want but them how care.

Sadly the novel will be written in Spanish, which lower the possibilities of making any money out of it, and maybe be even get my family relations to a worst spot, even though it seems impossible. There’s not much left for me to do, survive and write, the way that life was meant to be lived.

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