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I'm Sebastian Iturralde, an author with years of experience working on short stories. Here you'll find new publications every week; genres may vary from mystery to fantasy and everything in between.

Exploring the World

For years I've been helping travelers discover the secret gems of the Andes. However, the current situation has left me without a job—that's why I decided to take my passion for words to the next level and help you explore the world through my lenses.

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The True

The golden have fallen

Crystal Ambush


The Andes

My experience as a travel guide gave me a new perspective of the world. Every story has been found in one of my adventures into nature, searching the mountains for literary treasures.

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And the river flowed

Before time had an archive of everything that happened, long before we knew what made us human—there was a tribe in the middle of nowhere.

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Another night

A wanted man looks for a place to spend the night, until the heat is off his back, and ends up starting something he didn’t imagine.

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