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October 14, 2020|Short Story

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The room with the first prototype of a time machine was huge.

“You’re right, doctor,” Jules said. “We’re only able to travel to the past.”

“Traveling through time is like throwing a rock,” Albert said. “We need something that can survive the crush.”

“But, doctor…” Jules said.

“We have to take our chances,” Albert said. “Our planet doesn’t have long—”

In reality, Earth was simply going through a transition. Although, the possibility of surviving the loss of it’s electromagnetic field was slim, and nobody knew why it happened.

“Doctor…” Jules said. “Do you believe life on Earth will end?”

“We don’t know for sure,” Albert said. “This time it’s different.”

“We’ve come out of bigger problems,” Jules said.

“Yes, but this time we don’t have a solution.”

Just like before, the world was going through a transition period. Humans had to find a way to adapt and survive.

“It may just be my pessimism,” Albert said, looking at the fertilization capsules. “This experiment will give humanity a new chance.”

“Do you think those children will survive alone?”

“That’s our only hope,” Albert said. “Prepare the time machine.”

The metal ring in the middle of the lab was lit and began to spin. The platform surrounding the room had some computers with their respective scientist evaluating the behavior of the wormhole.

“Keep it stable,” Albert said and walked over to the mechanical catapult that will launch the fertilization capsules into the portal.

“Doctor,” Jules said. “Do you think it all started like this? Are we condemned to repeat our mistakes?”

“I hope not,” said Albert. “Begin the countdown.”

Small screens showed the numbers, while the interior of the laboratory felt as if sucked into the wormhole. Just like being surrounded by a strong breeze creating a whirlpool.

“We won’t be able to keep it open for long,” Jules said.

The numbers slowly reached zero, and the mechanical catapult forcefully sent the fertilization capsules through the opening of the hole. Then silence.

“It worked?” Jules asked, and her reality was no longer relevant. Adam and Eve returned to paradise.


Sebastián Iturralde

Just a citizen of this beautiful planet, eternal lover of artistic creation and letters; with the certainty that the creative energy comes from nature.


  • October 14, 2020 at 7:20 pm

    Very much enjoyed this. Liked your pieces before but this one I find especially entertaining. I myself wrote of time travel several months ago but in a humorous vein and as you backwards only was possible. Your piece has undercurrents that should make your reader start to do some serious thinking though your electromagnetic shift is not man-made. Timely (no pun intended) and provocative. If one cares to think. Great write! Mui Gricias!

  • October 15, 2020 at 11:34 am

    Very Nice! Esto es asombroso

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