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May 23, 2014|Short Story



The sun shines brightly as it emerges from the ocean and most welcome it with joy; the delightful singing of the birds turns into a soft alarm clock for those resting and gathers energy for the day to come. Brian was unlike other boys his age because he didn’t like Sunday mornings nor any other morning. Sunday was just another regular day for him as he gets home after his eight-hour night shift. The only wish in his head was to get some rest and gather strength to continue the rest of the day. Brian was not an ordinary twenty-one year old; rather, he looked tired, angry, and there was something dark about him that was hard to comprehend. Since he wasn’t communicative, it was hard to see deep inside of his soul and figure out what kind of person lurked inside.

Brian had been a joyful kid his entire childhood; it was hard for a kid from a loving family to suffer, but there is little to know about his past. The change took place after his father Desmond lost everything he owned. Desmond was a strong man who had never taken a “no” for an answer and had built his career opening paths for himself but not caring for anyone who stood in his way.

It’s Sunday morning, and contrary to the bright rays outside of Brian’s windows, his room looks dark and hollow as if something outside of this world lives within it. Inside this chamber rests an over-sized mattress covering the entire room’s floor with no signs of life on the room’s walls or ceilings. The only use Brian had for his room was to rest.

A faded memory travels through his head as he lays numb in bed, sight lost on the featureless white ceiling of the pale room. It seems only yesterday when he turned nineteen and life was beginning full of surprises. Brian sees himself receiving his first honest work check after his first long month of work. There was no reason to work; yet the thought of earning money in exchange for his effort, filled him with joy. Brian’s job was to clean an office and make some other small arrangements; simple tasks for a bright boy with a promising future. No one expected to see the smartest kid in school end up cleaning an office; yet time flew, and he was about to receive his first shiny check. The unprecedented bliss on Brian’s face. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS read the check. He had never seen so much money in his life, and his mind wandered all day as he thought about all the things he could buy. Nonetheless, Brian wasn’t one of those kids who would have spent his money on junk. Even as a little child, he had saved all of his allowance thinking about the bigger things he could use the money on.

He returned home, happy, full of joy, like every kid would after receiving his first hard-working check. The setting at home was peculiar, and his mother Teresa didn’t look as energetic as her usual self. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the man who had led them to this forsaken life showed up. Desmond had the same look on his face as he did the day they ran away from his mistakes. Brian remembered the look on his father’s face as if it was only yesterday when he asked him to leave. Back then Brian didn’t understand the reason, but he now knew exactly who this person was standing in front of him. The words came flying out like bullets toward Brian with no chance for him to dodge them or survive the onslaught of words.

It’s said that you can see a person die on the saddest day of his life, and if you were there that day, you could have seen Brian’s body falling lifelessly to the ground. The words struck him faster and harder than a bullet would; the pain was so intense and brutal that Brian can’t even remember what happened to him the next couple of years. His last joyful memory killed by a blow of the man who had given him life. There was no option and no argument as he raised his hand, turned his cheek and signed a contract with the devil for the good of the family.

Almost three years had passed since this imprisonment, and Brian’s days were endless as he worked two and three shifts to make ends meet. Today was no different from any other as he laid lifeless on the mattress he shared with his brother. There were no happy memories he could recall, and if there were any, they found a way to disappear from his mind. The only memories that remained were working at the restaurant, as a newspaper delivery boy, at a tire shop, at customer service, as a pizza delivery boy, and sometimes he didn’t even know if these memories were his or those of a stranger, planted in his head.

It was a dark night, and Brian was driving one of his father’s cars to the movie theater. The lights of the other vehicles glared into his eyes as he reached for one of his father’s cell phones. Brian’s hand unconsciously trembled as he dialed the number. Any conversation with Desmond ended in an argument that Brian didn’t even remember starting, but today was his lucky day. Unlike any other day, his father had allowed him to use the money he had earned from endless hours of useless tasks on something he actually enjoyed. Today was the day Brian was finally able to use his money to reward himself.

Sleeping was so easy for Brian, but being awake had always brought him trouble. There was a multitude of thoughts haunting him, and he didn’t know how to make them stop. Kill yourself! That was all he thought every single day. Free yourself! The thoughts continued so vividly, and he didn’t know how to manage them. You are the only person who can make you happy, he thought with joy, but the moment quickly passed because he knew he was all alone.

It was another Sunday morning, and Desmond’s family had plans for the day, but Brian never found them interesting. Though he was required to show up with a smile on his face. Not even the bright rays of the morning sun could interfere with his slumber, and his rest was all he needed to continue providing for Desmond’s unstoppable ambition. As soon as he was away from it all, in the only place that couldn’t hurt him, the screaming would begin. There was always something important and today was no different as Brian’s sister needed be taken out somewhere. He had learned obedience as a dog, but he was too tired today. Today was especially hard for him, but he followed the command that was given from his maker.

Brian got lost in the land Desmond couldn’t control, dreaming pleasantly of a different world with other settings. His sweet, innocent fifteen year old sister showed up, and she too didn’t know what happened to turn her brother into a dark and mysterious soul. The only wish she ever had was having a family like they used to, but there was no time for that today because she had to quickly be somewhere. Brian was awaken by his sister even though she didn’t like to mess with him while he slept, but today he seemed normal. They got ready to leave, but the thought came back to his mind before they left.

The thoughts were not always right, but Brian was fortunate to have a friend outside of the family who helped him feel normal. He could never remember his name, but he existed, and he was the only person who made the thoughts disappear. Today he called Brian as soon as he and sister started driving to their destination. The journey was too normal for Brian’s standards, and he found peace while driving especially when his friend was on the phone. The car was too quiet for his sister who saw life with joy. She was far too innocent and small to fall under Desmond’s claws. Breaking the awkward silence, his sister decided to start talking to the friend on the other side of the phone.

There was no friend on the phone, yet pretending allowed him to stop having conversations with Desmond’s family members. Brian was only looking for a way to make the thoughts disappear, but today nothing was working according to plan. His reality was all too painful for anyone to live within it, and he found a way to escape it all. His father’s daughter, though, was messing with this reality that made him feel safe.

Brian snapped!

This was the moment where the glass filled with all pain and suffering he faced came to a head. Brian’s anger bloomed inside of him as he became his father’s son filled with greed, wrath, envy, pride, and lust within. His first act after feeling this hatred was to cast his sister out of the car even though he managed to stop the car before doing so. Some would say he loved her under all the pain covering him, but it wasn’t certain.

Ever since Brian’s transformation, a war had brewed between the master and his reveling slave. Heated arguments were regular under Desmond’s roof, and they were now becoming louder and occurring more often. Unknowingly, Brian began following in his father’s footsteps, but no one predicted the end of his path. Even his mother Teresa didn’t want to see what he was capable of doing.

The thoughts in Brian’s head became stronger and stronger until the day came when he found the courage to finally end his imprisonment. It was early morning, and Brian had just gotten back from work. He only had a few minutes to get ready and leave for work. It was the worst rainy day of the season as the sky filled with dark clouds pouring endless amounts of rain upon the earth. Brian knew this was the perfect setting to end it all, but before leaving, he kissed Teresa goodbye knowing he would never see her again. He knew this was the last day in this trap.

While in his car driving in direction of work, it all became clear to him. The rain could make anything happen. The roads were rather empty on this Sunday morning, and his car was speeding along the highway with almost no visibility. The decision quickly made, and Brian couldn’t do anything to stop it. Helpless witnesses stared as his car wove into a perfect collision. The car’s left front end hit the highway divider lifting the car and suspending it midair. Physics took care of the rest as Brian sat in the driver’s seat while the car tumbled and crashed over and over. Unlike others, Brian didn’t see his life flash before him; rather, he felt freedom for the first time in many years. The car finally came to a stop after what seemed like hours of flying, hitting, and bouncing with glass and pieces of metal flying everywhere.

Brian died that day but so did his imprisonment, the pain he went through, and the bonds he ever shared with his so-called family. Cars passing by stopped to stare at the terrible accident afraid of finding bodies that could have been passengers in the car. Someone opened his eyes within the wreck, and it was a miracle to see anyone had survived this atrocious wreck. A new person with no name emerged from the wreckage; a person without a scratch, no past or regrets, and no family. This person finally had an entire life in front of him.

Brian’s rebirth.

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