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The four of April of the year two thousand and fourteen, I desired to become a novelist, and with the introduction of my main character began a writing career.

Since that day I began working with discipline, hoping a mentor would appear when I’m ready. I had all the tools at my disposal, but I had never met or heard of a person able to write a novel.

I began writing in a family’s abandoned house, all the ideas the world sent my way. Every single day until exhaustion, once and again, hoping this journey was easy. After all, I brought all the tools I’ve gathered over a lifetime, but none of them adjusted to my new goal.

Frustrated, I continued writing even though life wasn’t going to let me out the hole. Therefore, with time against me, without money to continue the path. I was presented with the surprise of finding my luggage on the curb. I knew I had to continue writing, but the pain cutted like a knife; I fought to regain my family’s respect, but they only saw me as a dreamer wasting his life.

After all, the literature path left me empty. I lost my job, my savings, my friends, and family.

I couldn’t rent storage for my belongings left by the curb. But I wasn’t going to let them get in my path, I had to contied, day after day. And so I searched my contacts for a helping hand, even if it was just to spend the night; someone to help me continue writing, but I found nothing. All doors were just closed, I had to accept defeat. It was time to wake up from my dream, return to the place where all started, counting minutes until the weekend.

It turned out better than I expected.

When I was ready to leave it all behind, my phone rang. It was surprising to hear a familiar voice, without much of an explanation Daniel invited me to his house. It wasn’t far away, I just had to carry my bags up the hill. Climb more than I thought I ever would to reach home, to hide myself from society and get lost within shrubbery.

Years have gone and passed, the teachings I carry in my bones, and I still look forward at the day I can call myself a novelist.

Stories may well be lies, but they are good lies that say true things, and which can sometimes pay the rent.
― Neil Gaiman

Draft from my novel

Capítulo 5
Luego de una noche de diversión, el teniente Benet encuentra que una lesión dificultará su primer día de trabajo. Sin alternativa se prepara para el día.
Capítulo 4
Gastán era un hombre frío y calculador, perseverancia fue el atributo que lo llevó a conseguir su cargo, vio oportuno presentar los nuevos hallazgos personalmente, nadie espera un descubrimiento trascendental. Entró a palacio de gobierno, escoltas armados lo guiaron por los pasillos, una vez que llegaron a la precedencia alcanzó a ver a una mujer, —el Presidente Fortín lo está esperando —dijo la mujer, los hombres armados se quedaron afuera.
Capítulo 3
Luego de un largo día de trabajo Benet llegó a casa, finalemente podía ocupar su tiempo en lo que tanto disfrutaba, vivir un mundo imaginario compartido.
Capítulo 2
El reconocido científico logra un resultado inesperado, este avance tiene la capacidad de cambiar el futuro de la humanidad, cuál sera el costo.
Capítulo 1
En un mundo conquistado por el movimiento izquierdista, un joven policía debe enfrentar los problemas de un país bajo la dictadura derechista.
Capítulo 39
Capítulo 39 mi próxima novela, hay mucho trabajo por delante, será mejor que siga escribiendo antes de otra probada de lo que está por venir.
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Hey there, I'm finally back. Let's just say I took some time to follow my spanish mentor and his crazy ideas. But, I guess it's time to start posting short stories.
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