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Good or Bad
April 4, 2014|Blog

Good or Bad

Good or Bad

As far a I know, life is full of unanswered questions, and some of us struggle choosing a path between good and evil. Everything could be much easier if someone gave us directions, yet all we’ve got is our freewill. But there’s too much information for us to handle, even though, I believe, we’re smarter than our ancestors.

After endless hours of reflection I’ve decided to write a novel, and the main character will have to find the answer. Something tells me that his journey began a long time ago, and I haven’t even met him yet. Therefore, I’ll try to find a solution with his experiences, even though, I think that we—as a society—are further away from the truth than humanity has ever been. It makes sense to me, I’ll let him solve the problem in a world of my imagination, trying to be true to our present.

He’ll have a common human trade: the search for knowledge. This way, I believe, the answer will come to him. I don’t think this is a great way to start, but at least the need of trying will be accomplished. His hunger for growth is typical of a person who enjoys life to its fullest, therefore, our solution finder must be happy with his existence.

In my opinion, this character should look forward to every sunrise, and maybe, he could find joy in his work, which in turn will help the less fortunate. And maybe, only in fiction someone like him can exist, otherwise, he won’t be able to survive in a world where everyone has to take care of oneself.

It wouldn’t be fair to give him charity, unless we’re willing to change his character accordingly. I believe that there’s a sense of pride in doing things for ourselves, and maybe, if we’ve got enough even share, but unlikely. The correct mindset will set this person free in a world filled with obstacles, a place different from the ages of the tribes and fraternity.

Even though, in our time is no longer necessary to work as a team, and predators don’t lurk in the dark, we still need some sort of human interaction. There are many of us who had found peace in solitude, in reality, it’s hard to work with a group for a common cause. Although, our scientific advances make it easier to put up with loneliness, and this character must have mastered the necessary skills.

Therefore, he shall be a social being who knows that sometimes the best answer is not saying a word, someone pleasant to have around, and maybe a memorable person.

With this, I’m ready to start a novel. Let’s see how long it will take me, starting from nothing, to become a novelist.

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