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Another Day at Work
April 2, 2014|Blog

Another Day at Work

Another Day at Work

We’re just prisoners of our wishes and ambitions; walking in circles while searching for an ending to our journey. Thus, we forget the road of life, where every second counts. And yet, we waste time in places we don’t like, doing things we don’t want to do.

I was a member of humanity’s productive forces, and as such, I can share my perspective. I used to be an employee who had to cover long shifts, repeating endless tasks. And it was a hard struggle to fight against the forces of nature, to find a friend with whom one could have unforgettable experiences.

I don’t know when the destructive path we are taking became the reason to exist.

It’s there anyone out there forcing us to follow that road?

We miss be blind while falling on an endless abyss, disliking every second of existence. Trying to enjoy the stuff we don’t need and won’t give us happiness; following someone else’s goals. Life has turned unimportant.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and try walking without a penny in your pocket, and look for a way to survive. Forget, if you stop thinking about loneliness you won’t have to feel it. After all, we’re just like you, and if you’re willing to give love, you’ll receive even more.

And maybe, imagining a world where you’re free it’s hard. But if we don’t try, we’ll be slaves to our need of not having any needs.

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I know it has been too long since my last english post, but reading spanish short stories is a great way to practice.