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The Path
April 3, 2014|Blog

The Path

The Path

My experiences have led me to believe that humans will follow any path they’ve found, and I’ve also seen cases where, regardless of our efforts to avoid them, we end up where we’re supposed to. Yet, the idea of following a prearranged set of circumstances—a destiny—makes life meaningless. Just believing we’re able to choose our own goals make us happy, and yet, I see how big organizations are desperate for our undivided attention, even religious organization show us their ways. Sometimes I wonder if we’re able to see the big picture.

We desire control, without it we’re like ants walking along the rest of the colony—insignificant. Time makes the concept of destiny irrelevant for our senses, therefore humans are entitled to act without responsibility. And saying that the rules are meant to be broken it’s a sad excuse.

At the end of eternity, we chose to stop following orders, or maybe, we always found it fun to do the opposite of what we’re told. Now it feels as if this is the way it has always been. We can’t trust the old scripts, their stories of how everything began, yet I think it was more complicated. For some reason, we aren’t able to imagine a place where freewill is not an option, and everything is perfect.

Yet, freewill is our most precious possession, without it we’re just dust that the wind takes from one place to another. Sometimes, the hardest decision is to follow the road that life is showing us, even if it goes against the ideas that were implanted in our heads, and we end up walking in a different direction than the one we wished for.

I’m not saying that you don’t have the option to choose your own path, to the contrary, we don’t have the wisdom to know the outcome of what we do. Life will take you, without a doubt, to the place you’re meant to go, but you can choose the steps you’ll take to get there. Some of us just like to take the hardest path.

Let yourself be the one who chooses the journey you’re about to embrace.

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This short story has been carefully crafted with inspiration I got from the Andes' highlands.
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