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Power Corrupts
April 2, 2014|Blog

Power Corrupts

Power Corrupts

A long time ago, I was led to believe that my skills made me superior. Even though, this abilities didn’t have a daily use, it made me feel great to use them. And, because society tents to group like minded individuals, people became challenges that I needed to overcome.

Yet, with time, I was able to see others with skills that differ from mine, they made me feel small again, and it became harder to beat them on their game. Practice and dedication where proof that you can overcome any obstacle, but just knowing I’m better wasn’t enough.

The endless battle of growth without a goal led me to lose my strength. As if trying to catch any passing object, hoping it would come with directions. I became an adult treating the world as a playground full of kids, in my head, success was within reach and I only needed some wit. It felt great and wanted the world to know.

Eventually, my image in the mirror was unrecognizable. Time didn’t stop for me and the years were harsh. How did I turn into this creature? I asked myself. There should be another way, I felt lost.

I had to start again, do things differently this time, and see people for what they really are, appreciating that I’m not the only one responsible for the future. Since then, every person became a helping hand, a set of skills that will teach you something. A huge change had to start in my head.

At first, I thought that everyone in my path had to feel as if they’re winning against me, yet losing felt better than I thought. Yet, the best results was the acquisition of knowledge, and I began to understand myself. With time, a new type of sensation led me feel growth, a real understanding of the importance of any living creature.

Knowledge may lead to humility, but not as a required. Yet, I have met people who offered their hand to strangers, people without power or knowledge, or so it appeared.

After being corrupted by power, I was granted knowledge, and it freed me to discover: I don’t need to understand that ignorance is a virtue to make use of that virtue.

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This short story has been carefully crafted with inspiration I got from the Andes' highlands.
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