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Ignorance is Bliss
June 21, 2014|Blog

Ignorance is Bliss

Ignorance is Bliss

It’s hard to argue with a statement like “Ignorance is Bliss,” but we need to understand its meaning before we start trying to pursue it. Then again, why would someone like to chase the impossible? If this was the case, then blessed are only those fortunate enough to know nothing, but do we have proof that these, so-called ignorant, really take advantage of their given blessings.

A clear starting point it’s bliss’s definition—which is nothing more than reaching a state of perfect happiness, typically to be oblivious of everything else. Therefore one must meet such a state through a series of accomplishments and deeds instead of receiving it at birth.

Now that we have cleared any misunderstanding around achieving bliss we are left with ignorance. Most could say that a lack of knowledge or information cannot be obtained by acquiring knowledge and information—but I disagree. A great philosopher once said “I only know that I know nothing,” wasn’t he talking about achieving ignorance after years of study and research? Many years of hard work lead this great thinker to realize he lived surrounded by unobtainable and infinite amounts of knowledge. We should ask ourselves how long did it take him to reach such a state.

There are many scripts stating the mysteries of a powerful being able to fulfill your needs and desires; it seems that a being of such power doesn’t need the help of humans—like you and me. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that a person offering the accomplishments of years of dedicated work in exchange of loyalty to their cult; it’s as real as laying at home doing nothing your entire life until you meet bliss.

The main problem of taking life in your hands is how opposite it’s from society’s right path; society has created rules to measure us. Sadly, most of us can’t fit their standards. We have become outcast creators following a different path and try to keep it parallel to the one set by society. These self motivated people who have their work labeled as wrong. Society has created unnecessary fields of work to include the outcast before a revolution could be achieved; now we have marketing and design related careers forcing creators to deliver a form of art—even though their creations must meet the criteria of the boss.

We work to create the fruits of our energy, but are these works of art really yours? We’re influenced by the power of media; we’re chasing products and services that aren’t crucial. We spend our days at jobs where we do stuff we don’t like, just to buy things we don’t need. That’s the path society has set for us. We’re left with miserable lives and blame external forces for our pain and suffering.

Should we try to chase this idea of bliss? Even though it’s hard to grasp, now is part of me. Maybe, the spirit of the powers being thah express itself through my craft is trying to tell you something. There is an incredible reward for those brave enough to follow their own path.

There was a time when ignorance was a skill I didn’t possess. A time of unhappiness. Back then, I trusted the wise words of people who didn’t know me, I walked blindfolded while they held my hand. Now I know that taking the hardest path is not the proper way for a prosperous future. It took me years to realize the simplicity of ignorance is bliss.

Socrates became a great guide, even though the lack of information led me to chase a path not created for me. Is it possible to become ignorar and blissful? But, I finally underwood; ignorar can only be achieved through years of hard work and study. Ones you understand life will take you through a path of true bliss.

Ignorance, the state of mind where you understand that acquiring all knowledge is impossible—therefore it’s impossible for anyone to know if your actions will turn into a positive outcome. Once you reach a state of ignorance, there is no need to follow society’s path as you understand that happiness can only be achieved by following your own path. Before reaching ignorance one must look within for that set of skills and abilities you enjoy using and developing; when you find such given talents and use them daily your surroundings blur. You start to lose interest in the unneeded luxuries and let go of everything holding you back from developing your capacities. Years of work on a field with no other reward but your own satisfaction will lead you to meet ignorance. Ignorance lets you enjoy life and develop those skills which guide your path; nothing more than following you, instead of following dreams.

Many of us have followed dreams, not sure how they are or how they were implanted in your head, we stress, lose hair, get old and stop enjoying life’s simple things. I used to dream about enjoying life, someday, when I deserve it. It was a foreign idea to work toward happiness; I used to envy the “ignorant” living at the jungles, mountains, fields and beaches who didn’t know any better. Now I know better, after living in many countries and places, I finally found a perfect place—with a fresh food market four hundred feet from home, a pool at three hundred feet and a small town where there’s no need for a car. I found a place where I can do what I love every day of the week; a place that doesn’t need vacations because I live doing what I love.

I know this life may not be for you but I hope this article can help you find your own.


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