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Embrace Your Nature
April 11, 2014|Blog

Embrace Your Nature

Embrace Your Nature

Tribal societies had an answer for the maturity of man, I’ve studied many different rituals to understand the need for a transformation. Surprisingly, all tribes that didn’t disappear, and are now the backbone of our current global society made use of the techniques developed by their ancestors to help a boy in his transformation into a man. But the lack of grown males we’re facing it’s the root of the decay of our current system.

The answer won’t be found at the hand of a world led by women, they lack certain views that can only be achieved with the strength of our joint forces. Yet, the small percentage of grown men in the last couple of generations placed too much power on female hands, the work that we, as a society, have created in this time it’s magnificent. But, it’s time for men to realize the importance of a painful transformation of our youth, before our world losses it’s balance.

Men’s nature it’s half of what took our ancestors to get where we’re now. We like to embrace challenges and pursue them without notion of its consequences, yet the lack of grown men who are willingly to do all they can for the benefit of the tribe has led a hole. This men boys are blind to the fabric of society, and because most men don’t go through a transformation, they’d no other option than creating a system that is easy to understand for them.

In their heads, the goal of life is power. Only those with enough of their currency are able to obtain the rewards, they’re still children comparing their toys with each other. The problem, I think, it’s how easy they can be prey of the wits of an adult’s brain. All the external powers in the world mean nothing for a skilled adult, they’re able to use less resources and achieve unprecedented results.

As a society we’re losing the battle, misusing our limited resources to achieve instant satisfaction, and, it seems to me, that women are following the path created by immature men. We’re better communicated than we’ve ever been, according to our records, and yet we believe that life is an endless cycle of self-gratification, filling bottomless holes that only exist in our imagination. There are seven thousand million humans on Earth right now, and the problem keeps growing.

Because kids are unaware of their mistakes, our society is eagerly and anxiously repenting the same errors. This boys found an easy way to obtain undeserving pleasure and can’t get their head out of those ideas. Mankind is doomed unless we find a way to help the new generations, girls aren’t the problem because their transformation is biological, and triggered by giving birth.

The other option, I think, it’s to become the support women need to lead us into the future, for man boys to become housewives, but only if women choose their partners wisely. Or I could look for a way to guide these children, and make them to fulfill their roles in society without their knowledge.

It’s time for me to think of a way to fix this problem, after accepting my limitations. Then, I might be able to see that guiding them is our only solution, and that’s why I need to continue writing my novel, to find the answers.

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Sebastian Iturralde

Fiction blogger—citizen of this beautiful planet, eternal lover of artistic creation and literature. Certain that the creative energy comes from nature.

one comments

  • July 18, 2021 at 11:27 am

    I am surprised no one commented on this post. It looks controversial in some sense. Most of your other posts have comments, so this feels different. Interesting topic it is! It does not help man becoming a house wife if the ills of man become a woman’s nature. I think it would help if each of us became better humans than focusing on sex based roles. I have seen bitter women, I have seen cunning men. Just changing career/house roles would not change the fabric of society. Evil woman and evil man will exist nonetheless. I liked your acknowledgement of tribal people! 🙂 They were/ are ingenious! Guess ingeniousness comes automatically once one starts spending time with a certain thing for so long. Forests, forests, forests and nature! 🙂

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