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Backlink Program

Backlink Program

Backlink Program

I’m proud to announce the start of the Backlink Program to support the community. Any blog that is looking to improve its search results requires quality backlinks. For this reason, and because the current Alexa Rank of RelatoCorto.com is 387801—I’ve decided it’s time to offer backlinks to all blogs with domains who wish to be part of this program. This offer will be available for a limited time.

All you have to do to get a backlink is create a new page on your blog. You can name it RelatoCorto.com or anything else. Then, you will have to write a short review of this fictional blog, and place the hyperlink https://relatocorto.com/ somewhere on the page. Once you have finished this part of the process, complete the form below and you’ll receive a backlink from me.




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