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After endless hours of preparation, my mind has fallen into a trap, writing has become the most important aspect of my life—I’ve awakened a creature that feeds on my creations. Even one day without writing to exhaustion angers the beast, closing my eyes only strengthens it, sleeping becomes impossible.

In this fiction blog you’ll find the stories I’ve created to silence it, because working on a novel wasn’t enough. I just hope to find the strength to continue coming up with ideas for the creature whose hunger never rests.

I believe Edgar Allan Poe faced a similar fate. Having to deal with this illness by himself—slave to his craft, forced to work to exhaustion. My only goal is to continue with life, and hope for the inspiration I need to silence the torment.

Please enjoy the fruit of my work. My storytelling has been polished with years of dedication, even before awakening the beast. For now I have to continue imagining the next story to write.

Your visits are enough to support my journey, but I’m always looking for someone to buy me a coffee.

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Latest Stories

Devil’s Trap
Lost within a labyrinth of his own mind, anyone can walk in circles for an eternity. Ideas are often unrelated to reality and tend to fall apart.
Brains over Brawn
Every step we take helps us understand our true nature. The dawn of a new era is upon us and we have to do our part for a smooth transition of power.
All About the Fireworks
It takes time to acquire the necessary skills to jump into the abyss. Better to stay calm and enjoy life until you discover your game.
A Path to Follow
Following the right path is not always in a straight line, there will be challenges along the way to help you achieve your goals.
Shadows that Follow
Experiences with the world limit the perspective to understand the lives of others. Some of us are unable to deal with our demons.
Rust and Sweat
When everything changes, there is only one thing left to do.
Dreams of a Future
Life is simpler than we imagine, but the path becomes impossible without our full and dedicated concentration on the present.
Sugar Rush
Life has surprises to which we aren't always prepared, but experiencing them helps us discover ourselves and grow.
Blue Sails
Taking a journey to the edge of the world because sometimes hearing a legend is not enough to believe it.

A writer deeply feels that writing is for him the best thing that has happened or could happen, as writing for him is the best possible way to live.
—Mario Vargas Llosa

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Feel free to browse around my fiction blog until you find a story to helps your imagination run wild, and enjoy.
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