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A New Offspring
January 22, 2021|Short Story

A New Offspring

A New Offspring

The only way to find the right path it is by following all opportunities until you can distinguish yours. Until then, keep making different mistakes.

The beast in the corner
January 15, 2021|Short Story

The beast in the corner

The beast in the corner

The tale of a man who would rather be in a different situation, someone with a gift he’s not allowed to use in a place he can’t remember.

Crashing Wings
January 8, 2021|Short Story

Crashing Wings

Crashing Wings

Happy New Year,

I’d like to start with the right foot by sharing a story I wrote a few weeks ago. Maybe it is just a work of fiction or it hides a message to find our path.

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It's good to have you here. In case it's your first visit, my name is Sebastian and I post English and Spanish stories every week.
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