Another Day at Work

We are prisoners of our wishes and ambitions, walking an endless path to nowhere, wishful of the wonders that will find at the end of the journey. Forgetful of the serious road that is life, a road where each second counts. Seconds that we waste in places we don’t like doing things we don’t want to do.

I was a member of the productive force of humanity; as such I can talk about it. I had been one more of those peons who worked endless days, doing tasks without sense to get things that I didn’t need. I struggled against nature who forced me to do things different, to enjoy the company of a friend and discover unforgettable experiences.

Since when was this destructive process part of being human?

Who forces us to continue on with it?

We are blind within the abyss while slowly falling and fake enjoying every second. Enjoying with stuff we don’t need and won’t make us happy, achieving goals and feeling nothing. Our life has turned ephemera.

Let’s get out of our comfort zone, try walking without a penny on your pocket and find ways to feed yourself. Forget being able to live along and you won’t have to. After all we are still humans and if you are willing to give love you will receive even more.

I know is not easy to think of a world like to one I describe. If we don’t try we will be slaves of our need to not have needs.

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