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New beginnings, it doesn’t always refers to start something for the first time; I can’t remember the last time I worked as a freelancer, but if I had to guess, that time would have been today. Even while I try to find joy in just writing everyday, there’s a part of me that loans analyzing numbers; focusing my energy in the creative process leaves me creating small projects for my own amusement, if you would like to see for yourself just visit

Well, I can’t say that my singing voice it’s any good, but sometimes is the only voice that knows your true feelings. Starting as a freelancer comes from this song. Every time I hear it, that part that needs to remember where I’m going, seems to wake up.

Without further due, I mark this day as the begin of a new stage of my life.

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pazlabrasdeluz diciembre 27, 2018 a las 7:53 am

Con las “voces cantoras” pasa como con todo lo demás: cuanto más se “canta” y mayor pasión se le pone, la voz mejora, se afina y lo hace cada vez mejor. ADELANTE


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